5 Myths About…Needle Play

I've recently been listening to the S-Town podcast. No, wait let me back up. I love the news, I really do - I even think of myself as a political junkie. But since January, I just can't - it's not good for me and stresses me out. So I've picked up some more podcasts, I've gone from four … Continue reading

5 Myths About…Sluts

The definition of a slut is “a woman who has many casual sexual partners” It’s synonyms are prostitute or whore, both of which are degrading terms for women. But women do identify as sluts, and those that do are very different than what you think they are. For the purpose of this article we … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Masturbate

May is National Masturbation Month. This makes us here at Black Pomegranate very happy. So happy, in fact, we want to share some reasons you should masturbate - not like you need a reason, right? We covered some myths about masturbation before, but now let's talk about the great stuff self-love … Continue reading

Five Myths About…Fisting

It's the punchline to a dirty joke, and a word said with a shudder, but fisting is an intense pleasure. Let's dispel some myths about fisting - 1. Only hardcore gay men do it - This is a myth that came from the porn industry and some gay urban areas in the 60's and 70's, and it seems to have … Continue reading